Is Education an Investment?

t seems that some members of congress are resisting the notion that the nations spending on education is not an investment. I can understand the argument that times are tough right now and we need to get our finances in order, however to say that the nation receives no return from providing funds to better educate our youth is ludicrous.

Just how do they think this country has become as great and powerful as it is? Do they believe this could have happened without a good education system? If you just look at the cold dollar and cents issues, you will figure out that our economy would not have grown the way it has if it was not for the educational level of our citizens. Higher education levels helps grow the economy. A growing economy means the nations budget grows without an increase in taxation.

Our education system is run poorly and we need to find ways of improving it. There is no doubt about this. Just as there is no doubt that investing in education pays dividends for the individual and the nation. Education should be very low on the chopping block.


  1. The public education system we have today largely did not exist prior to 1900--by which time the US was already among the largest economies in the world (was largest manufacturer by 1890).

    While education is and always will be a tremendous personal investment, the answer of history to the question "could the US have become as great and powerful as it is without a good education system?" is an unequivocal "Yes"--because that is exactly what happened.


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