China's Military Needs Control By The Chinese People!

China makes us look like a small country. There is no turning back and we cannot defeat them in a war unless we are ready to destroy the world. Our best weapon against them is capitalism and freedom. The gradual disappearance of their repressive government will defeat them from within; not from outside military might.

Our best weapon against China is the Chinese people. They do not want the world destroyed no more than we do. Our policies should be focused on spawning freedom by encouraging free markets and free enterprise. Our best weapon is forcing China into being a "fair trade" partner. It is not only in our economic interest to increase exports to China, but it also is our best weapon to help put the future military strength in the hands of the citizens of China and out of the hands of a centralized, controlling, political elite.

If we want to avoid a military conflict with China we must help, in an economic sense, the citizens of China get control of their own destiny. This will be done by free markets, trade and cultural exchange with the Chinese people; not by trying only to stay ahead of them militarily.

We must demand that the current government of China open up their markets to our goods and services.


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