Time For Change - Do It Right This Time!

Obama must go big with a long-term economic plan. The plan needs to include a discussion of how we are going to reduce the deficit over time, what he is going to do in the short term to simulate the economy and a growth plan for the next decade and beyond.

Next weeks discussion must be the beginning of a dialogue with the American people about the economy. He needs to reconvene his campaign team of 2007-2008 with the focus of convincing the American people that his plan is right.

He must solicit experts, like Krugman, to deliver the message. The campaign team must find an antidote to the conservative talk show hosts that are on the airways. Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin alone are on the radio or TV over 45-hours per week. Fox News, owned by Murdock, is constantly delivering a conservative message while not always using logic when delivering it. Now is not the time to be naïve and think one or two speeches on television are going to turn the tide and switch the momentum in the direction of an economic plan that includes an immediate stimulus.

Grandiose speeches are not what is needed. Obama needs to implement a series of fireside-type discussions with the American people that simplifies the complex issues facing the economy and include solutions. After each chat, his economic campaign team, using outside experts, will need to get into high gear defending the proposal from the onslaught of criticism that will be coming from the republicans and their attack dogs; the conservative talk shows.

Mr. President, Let's Get It On!


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