Who is Watering The Grass Roots of Tea Party

As I am watching one of the Sunday morning talk shows and thinking about the economic mess we are in, a commercial comes on for Bank of America. I then realize that here is a company that is part of an oligopoly that controls the financial services industry that I have been complaining about destroying our free markets. It made me think further about the fact that these oligopolies are not only controlling our free markets, but they also have a heavy influence on our "free press".

Later in the same day I read an article about who is monetarily watering the Tea Party movement. Guess what; it is not totally a grass roots movement. Per the New Yotk Times article highlighted above "....the sugar daddies who are bankrolling it, and have been doing so since well before the “death panel” warm-up acts of last summer. Three heavy hitters rule. You’ve heard of one of them, Rupert Murdoch. The other two, the brothers David and Charles Koch, are even richer, with a combined wealth exceeded only by that of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett among Americans. But even those carrying the Kochs’ banner may not know who these brothers are."

Coincidently, Rupert Murdock is same fellow who donated over $1,000,000 to the Republican Party and his company owns Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. Isn't Fox the network where Frank Beck can be found? Do you think this may have any influence on how Fox News reports anything related to the Tea Party? My Dad once told me, "just because you are paranoid, it does not mean no one is out to get you."

I have been beating the drum of needing to free our "free markets". I am now starting to wonder about our free press.

If you are wondering why we have a Tea Party, here it is and here is another one.

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