Where have you gone Barak Obama!

This is a war of messages. We need a long-term economic plan that includes some non-earmark spending now and a solid action plan to gain control over our deficit within a reasonable time period. The plan for controlling the deficit must be real and not fiction to be "implemented in the future".

As importunately, someone has to convince the public that they need to support it. Right now Obama is not up to the task. Part of it is that he is waiting for the mid-term elections to conclude. The rest of it is he just is not able to do it.. He can give one great speech. Can he sell an idea over time?

He sold himself during the campaign for the presidency. He must apply the same effort to selling the nation on a long-term economic plan that includes the stimulus.

Where Have You Gone Barak Obama?


  1. What a waste of time. I've never read such a shallow, dumb blog.


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