Where Did You Go Cool Hand Luke?

"...the policy elite — central bankers, finance ministers, politicians who pose as defenders of fiscal virtue — are acting like the priests of some ancient cult, demanding that we engage in human sacrifices to appease the anger of invisible gods." -- Paul Krugman

This is because the high priests consult with economists. The answer is to stimulate now with worthwhile, non-earmark projects, and simultaneously create a plan implemented later that will reduce and gain control of our deficit. The high priests are not alone in their deficit concerns; so is the average citizen. Us "average Joe's" must be convinced that we can control the deficit and that we have a will to do so.

This is where Obama needs to be President. He needs to have regular Fireside type chats with the American public. These chats should not be campaign speeches. They need to be presidential and they need to be often; maybe every other week. He needs to address the economic issues that we face in a clear manner and provide real solutions to problems. He needs to get off his elitist horse and talk to the people.

We know after every time the President chats with the people, the republicans will go on the attack and challenge what the president is saying. This is what they are supposed to do; they are the opposition. This is where President Obama must transform his style to mirror that of William F. Buckley; the great conservative debater always addressed the concerns of his opponent with coolness and straightforward logic.

The democrats must also find a way to combat the conservative talk shows that are not concerned about logic; but rater ratings. The Democrats need to find a way to counter balance their daily, almost hourly attacks on the radio.

To quote Cool Hand Luke; “what we got here is failure to communicate.” President Obama needs to communicate with the voter. Do it often and it must address the economic issues facing this country.


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