We Are Running Out of Gas!

It is time to develop and use other sources of energy. It is not in our culture and governmental system to think long-term.  Forget about the world running out of oil. Do we really believe that in the long term, maybe as short as five years, we can coerce the Middle East to sell us their energy at cheap prices? The answer is clearly no. We just do not know the exact date when the mid-east uses their oil as ransom again. OUR LEADERS ARE NOT LEADING ON THIS ISSUE. It is their responsibility to lead. We did not elect them to take a poll of the citizenry and do what the majority wishes. Their job is to lead and convince the majority.
The countries in the Middle East are long-term thinkers. They know they cannot defeat us on the battlefield. However, they have learned from history that they can bankrupt us by having us continuously waste our treasury in a quagmire of conflicts that has no end.
Why are our leaders not doing their jobs? The answer is they no longer work for us. They work for the oil oligopolies that pay them with huge campaign contributions that is “legal bribery”. It is interesting that the large oil companies are not allowed to vote in this country; however, we give them permission to buy votes.
We are heading for an energy disaster that will cripple this country unless our politicians start working for us and stop accepting bribes. This is not going to happen unless we change our laws so that oligopolies and unions are not allowed to contribute to our lawmakers.


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