Federal Money to Save Teachers

The money provided by the federal government should have been offered to school districts only if the districts agreed to aggressively renegotiate contracts with their teachers and administrators. If teachers are dismissed it means the number of students per classroom will rise and the quality of education will decrease .

On the other hand, by reducing compensation to levels in-line with the private sector, retaining more teachers will be possible and the quality of education will not be harmed. The private sector pays the salaries of teachers. The employment and compensation of the private sector, especially in Michigan where I live, has been devastated. Teachers must adjust to the new reality.

This will be painful. If the teachers do not find this acceptable and quit, frankly there are well-educated people who are currently unemployed that would be willing to take their place. I recognize that these replacements would need some training as it relates to the specific "teaching skills".

If school districts are run through bankruptcy proceedings like the auto industry, so be it. The world has changed. This is not a normal recession.

Unfortunately, once again the teacher unions who contribute money to “our representatives” in Washington and state capitals will heavily influence the decision. The unions will arm twist our representatives for their special interest group at the expense of doing what is right for the school district and the children. Our campaign contribution laws must change. Unions and corporations cannot vote for our representatives; why should they be able to buy votes. 


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