Obama - Why Are You Losing?

Race relations have not gone backwards since electing Obama President. Instead, we have discovered that we have not progressed as far as we pretended.

I am very proud to live in a country that was able to elect a black president in 2008 while the majority of the population was white. We came a long way and God Bless America.

It is also wrong to say Obama's popularity has declined because of his race. It has declined because of the economic mess that he inherited and because he has done poorly in bringing about change promised.

Health insurance reform was mismanaged because of inexperience. The President took too long to lead on this issue. As a result, he took his eye off the central issue facing the country - JOBS and the economy.

In addition, instead of change we are seeing the same-o, same-o in Washington; campaign contributions from oligopolies controlling major industries buying votes of our politicians and no enforcement of anti-trust laws to protect a basic freedom, the freedom to have access to free markets,

As long as these oligopolies can buy votes from our politicians, we will not have members in congress and the oval office who represent us the people. Corporations and unions cannot vote. Why should they have the right to buy votes?

Obama, where is the change? If the change does not happen in the next two years, change will happen in November 2012. Race will have very little to do with this change.



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