Change Congress To Change America!

Our nation is in the equivalent of war and the two political parties must pull together as in a war and address the problems. We must remove any politician, republican or democrat, who refuses to be part of the solution. The citizen of this country must diligently exercise his obligation and remove from office anyone who is obstructing solving our serious problems. Here is what we need to do.

The President must lead and inform the people of the problem and offer a plan as to what we must do to put our nation in order. He must be honest and specific. He must have a discussion with the people often, for the subject is complex. Instead of a speech, it needs to be an ongoing Dialog.

We must require the monitoring of the actions of all elected officials by an independent organization to determine whether their focus is on solving problems or getting re-elected. If their focus is to be re-elected, it is the responsibility of the citizenry to replace them with someone having the right objectives. The right objective does not mean agreeing with everything the Administration suggests. It means supporting what they truly believe is best for the country. We must publish the results of the monitoring process often on the Internet and in newspapers.

The citizens must kick the scoundrels out. A scoundrel is any politician who is looking out for his own self-interest at the expense of the nation.

The power for change is in the hands of us citizens. We must demand that our leaders address the problems of our nation before addressing their own problem of trying to get re-elected. Being a citizen in this country is serious business. If we do not take our job seriously, the nation will not recover.

If we cannot change it by vote we must then change it by a constitutional amendment as described in the video below. Then sign the petition here:


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