FREEDOM! What is Needed to Improve the Economy!

An editorial in the New York Times stated: "A sane approach would couple near-term federal spending with a credible plan for deficit reduction — a mix of tax increases and spending cuts — as the economic recovery takes hold."

It is time our "representatives" become our representatives. I am part of the underemployed self-employed and NYT is right that the economy needs to be stimulated at the same time a doable plan needs development and implementation over time. The rest of the world needs to see that we have the ability to develop and implement a plan that puts our nation’s finances in order. A core part of this plan must be campaign funding reform and the use of anti-trust laws to break up the oligopolies that have bought the souls of our politicians. If we do not clearly show the world we are still in control of our destiny, the glory days of this country are over.

There needs to be a redistribution of wealth, not by taxation, but rather by allowing our markets to be free markets. Over the last 35-years, we have allowed markets to be controlled by a handful of companies who no longer strive to produce the best products and services at the lowest price. Instead, their focus is to control even more of their respective markets by strengthening their stranglehold on their respective industries.

We need someone with the genes of Teddy Roosevelt; someone who will step forward and take on the fight against bigness; whether it is business or government.

Republicans really urinate me off when they make the claim they are for "free markets". When is the last time you saw a Republican take on the oligopolies that are choking our "free markets"? When is the last time that you saw a Republican who demanded that the government play its role as umpire to the free market? The key word that allowed capitalism to succeed is "free". We need our freedom back.

The bad news is the Democrats are no better. They are also on the take from these oligopolies. All Democrats, including Obama, talk-the-talk. None of them walks-the walk. Legislation is passed to protect our markets and industries; however, it is watered down so nothing really changes. All Democrats complain about "big business", however I do not know of one who has refused to take contributions from these oligopolies.

The Tea Party is beginning to look better every day. They appear to be the radical right however if they stepped up and fought for truly free markets, not a gunslinger wild west free, they may be able to save this country. The question they need to ask themselves is whether they are for free markets or for no government. No market can be free without a properly functioning government. If they begin to recognize this, we may all want to start drinking tea, rather than hallucinogenic laws from Republicans and Democrats.

American People! Let’s take our government back or it will be lost forever.


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