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FREEDOM! What is Needed to Improve the Economy!

An editorial in the New York Times stated: "A sane approach would couple near-term federal spending with a credible plan for deficit reduction — a mix of tax increases and spending cuts — as the economic recovery takes hold." It is time our "representatives" become our representatives. I am part of the underemployed self-employed and NYT is right that the economy needs to be stimulated at the same time a doable plan needs development and implementation over time. The rest of the world needs to see that we have the ability to develop and implement a plan that puts our nation’s finances in order. A core part of this plan must be campaign funding reform and the use of anti-trust laws to break up the oligopolies that have bought the souls of our politicians. If we do not clearly show the world we are still in control of our destiny, the glory days of this country are over.

Obama Knows What to do. He Does not Know How to

The Tea Party may be the answer. Our political leaders are not leading for us. The country's political structure is controlled by oligopolies that control many of our major industries. The members of the oligopolies no longer strive to provide the consumer the best goods and services possible at the lowest cost possible. Instead, their objective is to keep their stranglehold on us and keep the oligopoly alive to keep things intact. In reality, they are doing what Adam Smith advocated when he wrote his book defining capitalism called "Wealth of Nations". In this historic book, the producers of goods and services, corporations, should be looking out for their rational self-interest. At the same time, the consumers, us citizens, should also be looking out for our rational self-interest. In this manner if the producer does not provide the goods and services desired by the consumer, at a competitive price, he goes out of business. The problem in today