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Finding The Right Justice!

Why can't we nominate someone for a high position in government from some place other than the Ivy League and specifically Harvard, Yale or Princeton? There are other great universities in the country. Having everyone coming out of the same institution does not bode well for having a government that represents all of the people of this great country. It is similar to always having a Treasury Secretary that worked at Goldman Sachs. I have not formed my opinion of Ms. Kagen. It does bother me that it appears she has avoided taking a strong position on anything. This makes it difficult for those opposing her position to crack her armor. However, it also makes it difficult for anyone to defend her with any substantive facts to point to. I want someone on the court that has formed strong opinions based on facts and on their understanding and beliefs of what this country is about. Let's start looking for great talent from other corners of this great country including, but not lim