If Politics Were a National Sport it Would be a Scandal!

I am appalled that more emphasis is not put on the enforcement of anti-trust laws to make the insurance industry a "free, capitalistic, market".

Presently the insurance companies have converted the industry into an oligopoly where a few large corporations have taken over the industry. Their goal is no longer to provide the best product possible to its customers at the lowest possible price. Their goal is to keep the oligopoly alive so they can ignore controlling cost and pass the high-flying life styles of their senior management on to the consumer. If their costs get out of hand it does not matter because they know their fellow members of the oligopoly will do the same.

Even Milton Friedman, the economist of choice of conservatives, believed that in order to keep our markets free the government needed to play the role of referee. It is time we need better umpires. The umpires we have have been bought off by the teams playing in the league called the insurance industry.


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