Obama Talk

   In the days after Massachusetts Mr. Obama did not acknowledge any missteps that his administration made. He did not relay to the country that he heard the message from the people and that he and his administration is going to work towards those things that he promised during his campaign. Instead, the new message is that he is going to continue to fight for the needs of the working middle class. So far, he has not been in the ring fighting.
   It is my understanding that he is going to talk about specific, small initiatives for the middle class. Instead, if he is serious he should be letting the citizens know that he plans to change, he made some mistakes and he and his administration are going to re-evaluate their initiatives and start anew. He came into office with little experience and it shows. Well, get over it, learn from these mistakes and get things done.
   At present, he gives the impression that Massachusetts demonstrates that he is off course and what are needed is a new speech and a new campaign. One of his first actions was to bring back his campaign manager. Action speaks loudly. Quit campaigning and be president.
   The country does not need a great communicator. It needs a great leader. It needs someone who can get things done. It needs someone who can lay out a plan and implement it. Someone once said; “A great idea is useless unless implemented."
   Mr. President, implement, implement, implement.


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